About me

My name is Robin Koetsier. I’m currently a data engineer at Fugro Netherlands through Alten. In my free time I like to write or talk about football. In the menu you can find the podcasts and articles from ‘Tussen de linies’. Under ‘Posts’ you can see the few posts I wrote for this site and I also made some tutorials.

I do most of my visualisations in R and sometimes in Python. I you have any questions or need some help with these languages, shoot me a message on Twitter.

The Eredivisie stats are made with event data. The xG model I made myself using XGBoost in R. My twitterbot @Eredivisieplots is running on a Raspberry Pi 3 and uses Python and R to get the data and make the dashboard.

I also made a dashboard in Tableau a few season ago to visualize the birth places of player in the Eredivisie and the KKD.

Those are my skills that are relevant skill for my site.